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Travel to the most exciting volcanoes in Vanuatu.

Yasur Volcano (3 days - Easy)
Daily departures Yasur is one of the world's great erupting volcanoes. It has been in almost continuous eruption for hundreds of years. This exciting 3 day trip will take you close to the active crater where spectacular lava eruptions are visible.

Ambrym Volcano (5 days - Expedition)
Departures every week This expedition to Ambrym Volcano has been rated as one of the best walks in the south Pacific. The tour will visit the large and impressive volcanic caldera and summit craters at Ambrym. The expedition will set up camp on the summit caldera, and make daily hikes to the craters. Lava lakes are regularly present in the craters. In 2005 Ambrym volcano was the world's greatest producer of sulphur dioxide, indicating the large amount of magma under the volcano. Tour departs from Ambrym Island, Vanuatu. Trip will involve hiking to the summit caldera and sleeping in tents. Trip is rated expedition level, suitable for people who are prepared to experienced challenging conditions. The rewards are great. This is a chance to see one of the world's most impressive landscapes.

Lopevi Volcano (3-4 days - Moderate)
Departures every week Lopevi is a rarely visited active volcano in central Vanuatu. The volcano has an impressive stratovolcano shape. It is located within sight of Ambrym Volcano. This trip will involve boat travel to the island combined with a landing on the active side of the island. Tour departs from Paama Island, Vanuatu.

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TRIP DETAILS: Participants arrange for their own transport to the designated island in Vanuatu. Volcano tour fees are payable prior to the trip. Contact John for details. 

SAFETY NOTE: Volcanic activity can change without warning. In the interests of personal safety, trip details may change at short notice due to volcanic activity, weather, or request from local authorities.

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